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About SPG
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About SPG

About SPG

Who is SPG?
The SPG Group is one of the largest and pioneering Overseas Education Consultancies in Korea. Since 1996, about 25 years, we have been the market leader in the field of MBA/MS/PH.D and undergraduate Application Consulting in addition to test prep coaching. SPG offers super-effective guidance to Korean candidates as they navigate through the complex process of applying to diverse programs in the US, Europe and Asia. Up to date, thousands of students have benefited from SPG's unique, incomparable and dedicated supports. SPG Consulting Service is a totally integrated, comprehensive, and state-of-art service that offers students a super satisfactory consulting process from the appropriate school selection through an analysis of their individual career and academic backgrounds to interview coaching. SPG clients deserve to get unlimited meetings and super supportive counseling time. Most of all, we are the only Korean company who offers comprehensive information on our own independent company website in addition to Naver Cafe.
  • CEO/Founder Bio
The SPG Education Consulting Group was established by Mr. JH Kim in 1996. Mr. Kim (current CEO of SPG) received his MBA from Columbia Business School in the City of New York and MPA from University of Texas at Austin after completing his bachelor degree from Yonsei University in Seoul. Mr. Kim boasts himself for over 20 years of intensive field experience in overseas education consulting for graduate studies such as MBA, MS, PHD and JD on top of undergraduate entrance coaching. Before founding SPG, Mr. Kim worked for almost 17 years in the industry in cluding Samsung, especially for overseas marketing at Samsung Electronics and Samsung Corporation. Leveraging his sufficient professional experience, he has been able to offer unique and effective overseas education consulting service which has led a high number of successful Korean applicants to enter top schools in the US, Europe and Asia.

Currently Mr. Kim currently serves as Chair of Education Committee in Yonsei University Alumni Association, and active member of Columbia University Alumni Association in Korea and University of Texas at Austin Alumni Association in Korea. Mr. Kim has broad human network with diverse fields such as government, universities and business industry in Korea. Outside of work, Mr. Kim is a member of Rotary Club International and actively participates in community and volunteering activities.
  • SPG Mottos
SPG serves customers through three principles: professionalism, competence and enthusiasm. Our mission is to create leaders who understand the importance of global collaboration and harmony, providing unique consulting services with the top-notch quality standards. We pave the way for our clients’ studies abroad.
  • SPG Integrated Services
The term “integrative service” has a different and enhanced meaning for us. We do not just work with our customers to increase their chances of acceptances but we also advise each customer individually to find the best-matching program and school that suits their aptitude. We will develop an optimal educational plan for each career goal, too.
  • Career coaching and academic counseling through overseas education
  • Strategic Application Coaching and Guidance
  • Essay coaching
  • Resume, Recommendation, on-line application clinic
  • Admission Interview and job interview coaching
  • Test Prep for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS
  • Translation and editing service