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A. History and Founder

The SPG Group is the largest and pioneering Education Consultant in South Korea. For 16 years we have been the clear market leader in the field of MBA Admissions Consulting. Since 1996, SPG has been offering expert guidance to academic candidates as they navigate through the complex process of applying to top MBA programs. We are proud that thousands of satisfied clients have benefited from working with SPG's unique, incomparable and accomplished editors. Our SPG Consulting Service is a totally integrated service that offers clients a complete consulting process from the appropriate school selection through an analysis of their individual career and academic background to interview coaching including a translation service. Our clients get unlimited meetings and essay-editing time. Whenever they need help, they are welcome to avail it from us. Furthermore we are the only Korean company who offers comprehensive information on our own company website.

The SPG Education Consulting Group was established by Mr. JH Kim in 1996. After he finished his bachelor degree in management from Yonsei University in Seoul in 1985, Mr. Kim(current CEO of SPG) received his MBA from Columbia Business School and MPA from University of Texas at Austin. Mr. Kim has over 16 years of intensive field experience in education (overseas) consulting for graduate studies such as MBA, MS, PHD and JD. Before starting his education business career, Mr. Kim worked for almost 17 years at the Samsung, especially for overseas marketing at Samsung Electronics and Samsung Corporation. He left Samsung after serving as Director of Digital Convergence Marketing and Marketing Director in Samsung’s US Headquarters. Mr. Kim’s biggest pride in MBA application consulting is his experience in the field of interview coaching. During his time in the US, Mr. Kim completed a professional course in interview coaching in New York and he has been served for a long time as a Columbia Business School Alumni interviewer. He was also deeply engaged in Samsung's recruitment in foreign MBA graduates. With his undying commitment, we have been able to offer a unique customer services which lead to a high number of successful Korean applicants to top Business Schools in US, Europe and Asia.

Currently Mr. Kim currently serves as a board member of Yonsei University Alumni Association, and active member of Columbia University Alumni Association in Korea and University of Texas at Austin Alumni Association in Korea. Thus he has broad network with many professors and successful Yonsei graduates in diverse fields such as government and business industry in Korea. Also he is a member of Rotary Club International and actively participates in community and volunteering activities as a member of 3650 Seoul Rotary Club. This led him to acquire solid business and personal networks in Korea.

Mission statement

We provide our customers professionalism, competence and enthusiasm in a unique comprehensive service. Our mission is to help to create leaders who understand the importance of our global business environment. Our customers can expect a unique consulting service with the highest quality standards. We pave the way for our clients’ studies in Korea and abroad.

B. Services

The term “comprehensive service” has a different and enhanced meaning for us. We do not just work with our customers to increase their chances of acceptance but we also advise each customer individually to find the best-matching program and school that suits their aptitude. We will develop an educational plan for each career goal.

To ensure a smooth application process we provide our customers with services as essay preparation, interview preparation and recommendation coaching.

  • Essay coaching
    We edit all given material and offer our customers topic advice, question analysis and translation service. Furthermore, we show our customers a way to effectively do self-assessment of their essays.
  • Resume clinic
    We edit the resume of our clients line-by-line, analyze the career path and give them advice which experiences are most valuable for their MBA application.
  • Recommendation consulting
    We give advice to select the right recommenders and give specific question analysis and tips for their answering.
  • Review of application form
    After the candidates complete their application form we carefully review it.
  • Interview coaching
    Our customers participate in mock interviews with interview experts. To ease the process for our clients we start with semi-native coaches to native ones. We record the applicants’ interviews, carefully review their performances, give feedback and edit their answers based the essays and resume.


C. SPG unique MBA information session

As we are the largest MBA consulting agency in South Korea, we also offer the only MBA information session to Korean employees who are interested in pursuing a MBA education. During this session we give advice about the application process, strategic time management for MBA preparation and show different MBA programs. This session is held 5 ~ 8 times every year with 150 MBA applicants participating on average. Over 30 % of these participants contacted our company after this session in the last years.


Our consultants are experts in their field with MBA educations from Kellogg, Chicago-Booth and CMU-Tepper. They have worked in diverse fields and industries and hence guarantee a broad understanding of our clients’ individual career plans.

1. Ryan Lee : SPG Chief Consultant
Ryan Lee graduated from another top university in Korea, Seoul National University. He earned his MBA at Chicago-Booth and worked at a reputed Global conglomerate. Currently he is a SPG Chief Consultant and the Representative Coach of the SPG Interview Team.

2. YH Koh : SPG Chief Consultant
Mr. Koh received his MBA from CMU-Tepper and worked at the Global Bank before he joint SPG. Currently he is a SPG Chief Consultant and Head of the SPG English Essay Center.

3. J. Moon: SPG Chief English Advisor
Mr. Moon received BS and MS from Brown University, MBA from Columbia and MPA from Harvard University. He worked at a major investment banking firm in New York. Currently he works as a professional essay coaching consultant and SPG Chief Advisor.

4. Jay Jung : SPG Chief Advisor
Jay Jung finished his Bachelor at the Seoul National University and his MBA at the Kellogg School of Management. After his education he worked for Samsung C&T Corporation and Samsung SDS as General Manager. Currently he is a SPG Chief Consultant and Chief Instructor of the GMAT(MATH & SC) at SPG.

5. BJ Koo : SPG Chief Advisor
Mr. Koo finished his Bachelor education at the Yonsei Business School. He got his MBA from Chicago Booth and worked for global consulting firms and financial institutions. Currently he is a SPG Chief Advisor and Advisory Board Committee Member of SPG English Essay Center and SPG Career Coaching Center.


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